Slaughterhouse leader Royce Da 5’9‘s relationship with Slim Shady goes waaaay back. The hip-hop veteran has shared a vintage shot of his longtime pal.

Royce hopped on Instagram Sunday (December 2) with a rare pic of himself and Eminem.

Back in September, Royce reunited with his Slaughterhouse groupmate KXNG Crooked.

Coincidentally, ex-Slaughterhouse member Joell Ortiz recently talked about a fan interaction he had regarding his group’s low-key breakup.

A few days prior, Shady Records boss Eminem talked about falling out with ex-Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden and putting his efforts into supporting the group.

“Me and Joe Budden, we’re not friends like that. We didn’t go to the same f*cking high school or something. So I get that part. But when I’m out here flying around to different places and doing interview sand trying to use my platform to pump up Slaughterhouse every chance I get and you’re using your platform to f*cking trash me. I’m one of the things that keeps this sh*t moving. You’re doing something, you’ve got a voice in hip-hop so you actually could be affecting the ship a little bit because you don’t owe me nothing. But I’ve never got into a f*cking interview and been like, ‘Joe Budden sh*t is f*cking trash. That last album he put out is f*cking trash.’ So that’s kind of the attitude I took to this whole album, Kamikaze. What if I gave everybody my opinion about them?” (The Kamikaze Interview Part 2)