Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ is enjoying the show. Following the recent protests and increasingly large Black Lives Matter movement, he’s taken to social media to commend a fellow hip-hop heavyweight on his advocacy.

Royce x Cube

This week, Royce tweeted a thank-you message to white people for stirring West Coast legend Ice Cube. The shout-out comes following non-stop anti-racism and trolling from the California native.

High-Key Details

Ice Cube has been going off on Twitter over past few days. Friday morning he called out police for overfunding. Ice specifically ripped law enforcement for spending way too much money on enhancing vehicles and going to gun-heavy.

“WTF? No wonder they want to keep all that 1.3 billion dollars. Ain’t this a b*tch?” -Ice Cube’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Earlier in the week, the former N.W.A. rapper trolled President Donald Trump.

Before You Go

Royce Da 5’9 is helping record labels realize things need to change during the racial pandemic. The hip-hop veteran recently came forward to deliver major solutions in an effort to contribute to equality.

“Too woke to be rocked to sleep. Closing the company down on a Thursday and taking certain words out of the Lexicon could never mean anything without being backed by actionable items that move the needle. We don’t watch Cops either … Just a heads up” -Royce Da 5’9’s Instagram