Model Rosa Acosta has revealed her past battle with anorexia and bulimia as she attempted to reach perfection at any cost.

Writing via a blog entry, Acosta remembered the days when she took her body to the extreme.

“Nevertheless, “all the qualities” became “almost all” when at my 13 years old I weighed 125 pounds, which made me undergo bulimia for two years and anorexia for like seven years,” she revealed. “When I remember about those days, I merely can’t understand what went through my head. The image that I used to see reflected on the mirror was more of a monster than of a young girl. I was in a state where nothing was more important to me than to “look good” and if that meant to be sick I wouldn’t care…No one has detested me so much that wish to do as much damage to me as the one I did to myself by taking my body to the extreme, exaggerating the physical workout, not eating or drinking fluids for days, taking laxatives and punishing myself in any possible way…One day I thought I was worthless. Today I am at ease with myself and I have learned that to feel loved and to be accepted is something that needs to start with yourself. You are only one step away from being in the best physical state of your life! What are you waiting for??” (VIBE)

Earlier this week, she released a statement explaining her new hair style.

“I didn’t have to ask permission from anyone to cut my hair. However, due the overwhelming response I felt it was only right to address my condition,” she wrote. “People have demanded an answer about why I cut my hair while insinuating that as if it was going to destroy me in some way. The truth is I cut my hair because my hair is falling out and has been for over a decade and I needed to began my treatments again. I encourage other people out there with a hair loss problem to accept your reality and make the most of it. For what I do, I feel like I’m a bad b*tch and I don’t need hair to make me. When I want to wear the hair I will. But for now, the most important thing for me to do is go through my treatments to make my scalp healthy which will intern give me a healthy head of hair.” (Necole Bitchie)

Last month, Acosta responded to “cheap” remarks made about her from rapper Maino.

“First of all, he says that I’m cheap, I wear cheap shoes,” Rosa told radio host Josi Marie. “There’s a difference between being simple and cheap. I will not wear something that is fake, so I will wear whatever I can afford. If I can afford Forever 21 shoes, that’s what I am going to buy. And anyway, I was unaware that they could give lessons about women’s shoes in prison. And the next thing is, why are you so sensitive? Just because I saw your number as ‘Don’t Answer’ and I never called you doesn’t mean I don’t pray for you. God bless you Maino. It’s funny because I have seen him three times — twice I saw him and he apologized to me. And then if you got to talk about me in an interview to be on blogs instead of your projects and actual music, then you suck.” (“The Josi Marie Show”)

Maino has since addressed the matter on his personal Twitter page.

“RT @NattyShocks: Rosaacosta went ham on Maino.. in ur face Maino.. keep yo mouth shut maino. da chick killed u in jus 3min.,” he wrote last weekend. “Shout out to all my good shoe wearing women! I love u baby! Lol. Shout out to the women who take pride in their shoes and bags. I appreciate u, cause I’m under attack by an army of cheap shoes. Lol Stop it baby!!! U know u wouldn’t talk to homie wit the LUGZ on. Don’t b mad at me cause I choose not to deal wit Monkey Business lol.” (Maino’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Rosa Acosta interview below: