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Rockie Fresh Admits Rejecting Diddy’s Bad Boy Offer: “I Didn’t Take It Like A Bidding War” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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Maybach Music Group’s Rockie Fresh recently detailed his reasoning behind turning down an opportunity to sign a deal with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and why he took a shot going to Rick Ross‘ growing empire.

Although honored by Puff Daddy’s offer, Fresh said he wanted to help build up Ricky Rozay’s profile.

“I’m a super humble dude and prior to getting offers, I didn’t even expect to get signed by other rappers,” Fresh revealed in an interview. “When Ross and Diddy both hit me up in the same week and they were interested in taking meetings, it was just one of those things where I felt so blessed by it — I didn’t take it like a bidding war. It’s an honor. The thing with Ross is, Diddy’s the number one dude on Forbes right now, he’s got a label that’s been going on forever and it’s one of those things where he’s always going to be a force in the industry and also, you know, Maybach is his little brother. It’s one of those things where I just wanted to be a part of a new movement and really be a part of making history in the long-run and kind of making sure Ross gets to that same level Diddy gets to.” (Los Angeles Leakers)

Earlier this month, the Chicago-bred emcee dished on aligning himself alongside Ross’ team.

“I mean, outside of the money, nothing, really. I’m still super hungry and I’ve got huge goals with rap,” Fresh said when asked what has changed since joining MMG. “I really want to win several Grammys and things like that, so my work ethic has only intensified because I’m just one step closer to making that happen. Outside of that, I still stay in the same crib, hang out with the same people. I’m in Chicago walking right now as I’m talking to you. It’s just a lot more people that know me. But my brand and the music that I make is about day-to-day life, living a regular life, and the struggles that come with that. I just want to keep myself in that element so I can stay relatable to the people that got me here. So, not too much has changed.” (Pigeons & Planes)

In August, R&B veteran R. Kelly embraced hip-hop newcomers like Fresh and Chief Keef exploding into the spotlight.

“I feel really good that Chief Keef and all of those guys, those guys are from my hood, so I’m definitely proud of the fact that finally Chicago has got the light on ’em,” Kells told MTV News when he paid us a visit in July. All of the hoopla surrounding his hometown has the R pretty excited about the future of Chi’s music scene. “I guarantee that once these guys come up that light is never gonna go out,” Kelly promised. “There’s a lot of talent in Chicago, a whole lot of talent.” (MTV)

A month prior, the “Boss” spoke on getting familiar with Fresh’s background before offering him a record deal.

“I had heard some of his music but I never got to put a face with the voice and the name,” Ross said when asked about Fresh. “I stayed up a couple nights and Googled basically all of his videos. … I was just a fan at that point. I was loving how homie was coming across — he just kept everything so simple and straight forward and just had dope lyrics and dope hooks and concepts, so I flew him out, we kicked it and he went back home and you know, of course everything else went to work.” (“The Bootleg Kev Show”)

Check out Rockie Fresh’s interview below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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