Reality TV star Rob Kardashian has sent a friendly reminder to fans this week about how much he loves fiancée vixen Blac Chyna.

RK went to Instagram last night (July 18) to gawk over Chyna and her pregnant tummy.

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Recently, Chyna’s pal Amber Rose defended their public images.

“They said a lot of f*cked up sh*t about us. And I agree. The fact that we were dancers as well, people just felt like we’re just users and gold diggers, but we’re very passionate women. We love so hard. And dancing is hard work and an honest living—it’s not prostitution, that’s a different job. It’s not porn, that’s a different job. We’re not into that business and never have been. It’s just dancing and being comfortable with your body. But we’re both really good girls and love really hard, and I’m just so happy for her.” (The Daily Beast)

A few weeks ago, Chyna went to Instagram and flooded followers’ feeds with family pics.

So much fun 💕 with Mama @krisjenner

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Hey Girlllllll 💕 @kimkardashian

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Slip n slide with @blacchyna

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In a recent GQ magazine feature, Kim addressed her brother Rob Kardashian‘s relationship with Chyna.

“We’re all on board. We definitely see that my brother is happy and getting healthy, and whatever gets him to that place, you know, we’re happy for him. Chyna’s a sweet girl, and I think we all have so many things going on in our lives that we just want my brother to be happy. Has there been so many crazy things that happened? Yes. Is the whole situation, you know, just…? I think people want to feel like we’re all beefing and have this crazy fight, and we’re really not. I think the drama naturally follows.” (GQ)