“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Rob Kardashian and fiancée model Blac Chyna‘s highly-anticipated reality TV series is reportedly in danger of being canned.

According to reports, Rob K is the source of the reality TV show’s production setbacks.

Production sources for his new reality show with fiancee Blac Chyna tell TMZ … Rob has been skipping filming over the last month, complaining that the show is compromising their relationship. We’re told Rob believes ‘KUWTK’ has destroyed his family, and he fears the same will happen with his relationship with Blac Chyna if they put everything out there for the new show. (TMZ)

Last month, details surfaced about what sparked Rob’s decision to rid his Instagram page of Blac Chyna’s pictures.

“Rob and her have been getting into little tiffs and Blac Chyna flipped on Rob,” a source tells E! News. “He was so pissed at how she spoke to him, so he deleted everything about her to hurt her.” The source adds that “Rob has never cheated on her, but she is very paranoid about that from past experiences,” and reassures us that they are “fine” now. “[They’re] back in love and have spoken through their fight.” (E! News)

Recent reports claimed a dispute between the love birds went down toward late July.

Blac and Rob reportedly had a huge argument while filming their new reality show over the weekend, and after that, he deleted every photo of her from his Instagram page. However, the lovebirds must’ve quickly gotten over the spat, because by July 26, reports confirmed that they were still together and “back in love.” (Hollywood Life)

A few days prior, Rob shocked fans by cleaning up his IG account.

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