Sure Missy Elliott is a major rap superstar and songwriter, but does she really have what it takes to pick talent? I don’t think so. But I eagerly sat watching Missy Elliott’s Road To Stardom every week. Probably because it comes on before Kevin Hill and I’m too lazy to change the channel.

Missy has a knack for finding good talent, but has the gift of never developing them. Personally, I thought her best choice was Nilyne from Plainfield, NJ. She was cute, spunky and could hold a note. Doing a little bit of research, I found that Nilyne was actually down with R&B singer Donell Jones and has pursued a modelling career before her Road To Stardom break. However, this isn’t about The Road To Stardom, but The Road To Failure if you let Missy steer your career.

Jessica – The latest singer/songwriter duped into Missy’s pyramid scam. We’ll see what happens.

Little Brianna – Missy’s latest sidekick. This would be Missy’s attempt to get that Lil Bow Wow cash. Good luck.

Tweet – Tweet just had bad timing. Her debut album dropped on the same day as Ashanti‘s debut. Silly love song single with Biggie beat wins over risky self-masturbation song anyday. Her second single, Call Me, became the theme song for some major phone company but afterwards, nothing. Tweet is about to drop her second album this year.

Mocha – Female rapper feature on Nicole’s debut album (see below). I downloaded her single, Running Shit, which I thought was kinda – cute. Different flow, good beat. She popped up on the Life soundtrack and one of MC Lyte’s album, but after that…{cricket, cricket} Here’s what she looked like. Maybe you’ll recognize her from Walmart or something.

Nicole Wray – She appeared on All N My Grill. A year later she would drop her solo single, Make It Hot, but for some strange reason, the album never dropped. And then Nicole disappeared. Now she’s signed to the Roc and that new single, If I Was Your Girlfriend is pretty descent.

Lil Mo – The girl was everywhere. Hot Boyz, Put It On Me, Parking Lot Pimpin’. Then she had Supawoman Part II popping followed by Gangsta and then her album did nothing. Then she dropped another album. Nothing. Now she’s rolling with Cash Money. Hopefully Mannie Fresh can get Lil Mo out of the Elliott ditch.

Danja Mowf – Techincally, Mowf was the first artist signed to Gold Mind Records. Mowf already had the classic Word Of Mowf LP under his belt. Missy signed Danja on the strength of the Aaliyah Remix which was bumped nationally. I even heard that Mowf was on the Dangerous Mouths track alongside Redman on Missy’s 2nd album but was mysteriously cut. Years later, Mowf has finally bounced back with R&B singer Tara of ‘Country Boys’ fame.

Why Missy gave Nilyne the heave-ho [no pun intended] is still questionable, but Nilyne should look at it as a blessing considering Missy has the natural ability to stall everyone’s career but her own.

Missy Elliott = SOHH Not A&R