Former Roc Nation singer Rita Ora has dished on her admiration for music couple Jay Z and Beyoncé following a recent split from Young Hov’s empire.

According to Ora, she has no ill will toward The Carters and embraced her run at the Roc.

“I’m still happy I’ve had this incredible experience,” she said when we quizzed her on it. ” Jay is one of my idols and Beyoncé is obviously the queen of life. I’ll never not appreciate the experience I had with them and the things I’ve seen.” Rita adds that Beyoncé and Jay Z have been “great mentors”, which doesn’t sound like there’s any hostility there to me, although when asked if she’s still close to the couple, she simply says “I look up to them a lot.” (Cosmopolitan UK)

Back in June, Rita announced a new partnership with Atlantic Records.

Recent buzz developed about Rita teaming up with Warner Music following her Roc Nation split.

Rita Ora and Jay Z’s Roc Nation have officially parted ways, following a lawsuit filed last year describing an “orphaned relationship” between the British singer and the label, which issued a counterclaim a month later. A source confirms to Billboard that Ora has signed with Warner Music, though specifics of the deal have not been disclosed. Requests to Roc Nation for confirmation of a settlement between Ora and the company were not returned. (Billboard)

Recently, Rita and Roc Nation put to rest a publicized contract dispute.

Rita has come to an agreement after the company sued Rita for $2.4 million for breaching the terms of her contract and not providing the required number of albums throughout the years she’s been with them. A document filed to the New York Supreme Court this week shows the pair have now settled things out of court and Rita is free to choose a new label and release new music. (Daily Mail)