British singer Rita Ora is pushing for everything that’s right in the world. The popular crooner has come forward to share throwback footage of herself as a baby in an effort to promote equality and call for an end to racism.

Rita x 1994

Ora hit up Instagram Tuesday with footage from the mid-90’s. She explained how the ‘carefree’ version of herself is what everyone should want for future generations.

“Hi guys. I guess the reason for this post is to show you guys when I was little the summer of July 1994. I guess I just felt free watching this and wanted to share. Why did I love the camera so much! Even as a kid! I hope this makes you smile, just watching a life of a young care free kid. This is what everyone deserves, white, black, orange,green, any colour you name it! a refugee, a chance to have a good life and a opportunity to be happy. The simple things of feeling safe going to a park eating a ice cream BEING A CAREFREE KID. Those are the memories we cherish. These are the moment that build us to who we become as adults let’s give people an incredible environment to be a kid in and grow in. My whole life being from Kosovo I’ve had to see and witness certain things just so I could fit in just so the refugee girl can co operate with the girls In skipping rope game in the playground (that’s what I used to call it!), but when I was in that park I was free. Racism, how immigrants,refugees are treated! We can’t be justified by the colour of our skin or where we are from, we are one race. The Human race. Anyway I love you guys that’s just my 2 sense. I hope you smile today. Give kids a park to feel free in. Thank you. Yours forever Rita. ❤️” -Rita Ora’s Instagram

High-Key Details

A few days ago, Ora vowed to help promote the Black Lives Matter movement. Rita shared multiple dates and locations in London for people to join peaceful protests.

“My heart is broken and my anger and frustrations are overwhelming me. I will not allow this feeling to subside. I remain committed to being an agent of change. I will use my position to call for justice today and long after this post in whatever means necessary to show up and create meaningful change for the black community. The UK stands with you my beloved friends in the US. The ocean that divides us will not stop us from walking with you. We join you in your demand for justice. #blacklivesmatter” -Rita Ora’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In late May 2020, Rita shared a heartfelt and emotional TIME Magazine cover. She reminded followers how police brutality and inequality has continued to exist for decades.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal – Martin Luther King, Jr. RIP #georgefloyd ❤️” -Rita Ora’s Instagram

Before You Go

A couple months ago, Rita put respect on her mom’s name in the fight against coronavirus.

“Sooo proud of my mother @veraora and all the NHS doctors nurses and carers for all their hard selfless work! Real super hero 🦸‍♀️ ✨❤️ @evening.standard” -Rita Ora’s Instagram