Rihanna Spotted Out Shopping For Baby Clothes

Written By Seeka Starsky

Oh baby…girl?

Rihanna was spotted out in Target casually shopping for baby clothes this weekend.  Fans were excited to see what section she was in – boy or girl?

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Rihanna was out this weekend shopping at Target in the baby section. This made fans go crazy trying to figure out if she was going pink or blue.  Stylish as always, Riri popped out in a blue hoodie, metallic mini-skirt, and high heels. Although this look is different from her signature sexy style, the clothes she was wearing weren’t the concern this time – it was the color of the clothes she was buying.

Riri can be seen in what looks like the baby girl section in Target, shopping for clothes for her little one. Sending fans into a frenzy, questioning if this is the bad gyals way of announcing she’s having a girl, or if she’s trying to knock us off our guessing game with trying to figure out the gender of the baby. 

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky hinted at Riri’s due date in a video shared to social media earlier this year. Keen fans were able to deduce that Rihanna is due in April. With just days away, the world will get the answer. Until then, fans are putting all put the clues together.

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Written by Seeka Starsky

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