Grammy-winning singer Rihanna is $2.86 million richer. The crooner has reportedly cashed-in on her California home.

According to reports, RiRi made her huge payday less than a year after getting the fancy West Hollywood spot for $2.75 million and trying multiple times to get rid of it.

Then in January, the home was listed as a rental for $16.5k a month. It didn’t seem like there were any takers, despite all the amenities, including a pool and a guesthouse. The home finally sold last week for the $2.85 million asking price, so Rihanna walked away with an extra $100k. With real estate commissions and carrying costs, it looks like she gained what is probably an insignificant amount of money for her. (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, RiRi made sure to hit up her Instagram Story and acknowledge hitting her 30’s.

Days prior, adult website put some serious respect on RiRi’s name with a birthday shout-out.

Back in 2012, RiRi actually showed a little love to the adult service.