Houston rapper Riff Raff‘s not too proud to grab a check. The hip-hop artist has revealed his interest in performing at a pro-Donald Trump inauguration party next year at the right price.

According to Riff, personal politics are not greater than the power of a dollar.

“Well, I love money,” Riff said when asked if he would perform at a Donald Trump inauguration. “And I’m in America and I was born in America, and I love money so why wouldn’t I? I’ve had enough money taken from me by the government, why shouldn’t I perform?” (TMZ)

Earlier this week, hip-hop stars Meek Mill and T.I. attended anti-Trump protests.

F#%k who…..

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"Pu**y grabs back" tho? They ain't feeling this shit!!

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The people have spoken…. They turning America on its head.

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Since the election results poured in, various New York hip-hop artists have ripped Donald as president.