Houston rapper Riff Raff is down to face-off against 50 Cent. The hip-hop artist has publicly announced his interest in boxing the G-Unit boss for $2 million.

Riff recently went to Instagram and revealed his interest in going up against Curtis Jackson.



50 has kept busy as of late promoting an upcoming fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.



Yesterday, reports surfaced about Brown and Soulja wanting to take their fight overseas.

The initial plan was for a Vegas fight, but we’ve learned there are several rules and regs that would make such a fight impossible there, not the least of which is a mandatory drug test for amateur fights … which both Chris and Soulja know they would never pass. We’re told their plan is to take the fight overseas — first choice Dubai — and they believe the Pay-Per-View audience would rake in untold millions of dollars. (TMZ)

Recently, Chris Brown’s overnight trainer Mike Tyson trolled SB with a diss song preview called “If You Show Up.”