Houston rapper Riff Raff is trying to better his ways by reportedly giving up heavy drugs like cocaine and prescription pills.

According to reports, Riff’s decision to sober up kicked in a few months ago prior to a celebrity basketball game.

Riff Raff says that’s when he realized he had a bad cocaine problem and had to turn his life around.The 32-year-old says he isn’t going into treatment … he says fitness is the solution: “Whenever I have the urge to do coke or molly, I just pick up weights instead.” He’s been sober a few months — except for weed smoking — and Raff says he feels great. (TMZ)

Check out this big announcement Riff made right here…

Recently, Riff said his music career would rise as high as pop star Justin Bieber.

“I meet these young crazy motivated dudes on the Mad Decent Boat Party, and they seemed to have more of a worldwide approach to music, rather than a USA target market. I want to be the EDM Justin Bieber. I’m Jody Bieber and humans aren’t gonna understand that until I have 15 super hot neon models with the loudest and craziest EDM trap neon rap set on the planet, playing in Dubai or at the Taj Mahal. But I’m still growing and learning, and I will never plateau. I think everyone sees that, so I can’t wait to join the WWE and be in movies as well.” (Billboard)

While quick to shoot down the media’s image of him, Riff promised his previously delayed Neon Icon LP would live up to his own standards last February.

“I’m not, like, ‘comedy rapping,'” outlandish hip-hop artist Riff Raff tells Rolling Stone about his forthcoming record, Neon Icon. “I tried to keep on point as much as possible.” Nevertheless, he’s vouching wholeheartedly for the record, even though the track list is still coming together. “This album is my best work,” he says. “It’s got my best tracks. I got features from the real artists and stuff.” (Rolling Stone)

Riff relied on some big rap stars like Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson for his summer 2014 album.

As promised, Neon Icon includes guest appearances by a who’s who of artists working in and around the EDM and rap game. Although it’s not clear which songs will make the final track list, Wiz Khalifa pops up on “Versace Python,” Clinton Sparks pipes in on “A Spike Lee Joint” and Action Bronson weighs in on “crazy song” “I Shoulda Won a Grammy.” Elsewhere, Skyler Grey and 2 Chainz are each rumored to have contributed to as-yet-untitled tracks, as are Skrillex, Noah “40” Shebib and DJ Mustard as producers. (Rolling Stone)