Texas hip-hop artist RiFF RAFF can exhale a huge sigh of relief. The rap veteran has reportedly had a civil sexual assault case from 2014 dropped with prejudice.

Big Facts: According to reports, the case has finally faded to black after looming over his head for over 5 years.

RiFF RAFF had never been arrested or charged with any such offense by the police. The Plaintiff’s civil suit, has now been dropped with prejudice. Having this dark cloud, which has hung over him for the last 5 years, dissipate, RiFF RAFF is ready to take his career to the next level and cement his name as one of the most exciting and innovative entertainers of modern times.

High-Key Details: Raff reportedly relied on heavy duty legal support to help put the case away.

RiFF RAFF and Jody Highroller Entertainment Inc. wishes to thank the combined legal team of Robert Garson of GS2Law, out of New York City, Chris Rusby of Rusby Law and Brent Ryman of Erickson, Thorpe & Swainston, both out of Reno, Nevada. Together, they have demonstrated the unwavering support and determination in making sure that the truth would prevail and reassured RIFF RAFF. Their counsel provided immense assurance during this difficult time. Most importantly RIFF RAFF wants to thank his fans for standing by him and your support has been incredibly important and will never be forgotten.

Wait, There’s More: In 2018, buzz developed about RiFF having to stand trial in May 2019 over the case.

RiFF RAFF is due to stand trial next year in a sexual assault case stemming from a 2014 incident at a Nevada brothel, court documents reviewed by Pitchfork have revealed. The civil case, which will come before a Washoe County, Nevada jury on May 28, 2019, was filed on October 23, 2014 and has not previously been reported publicly. (Pitchfork)

Before You Go: In June 2018, reports emerged about RiFF getting accused of sexually assaulting an Australian teenager.

In June, RiFF RAFF (née Horst Christian Simco) was accused of raping a 19-year-old Australian woman in 2013. The rapper soon saw his planned tour of Australia and New Zealand canceled, as well as a second allegation of sexual assault from a woman who was 17 at the time of the alleged incident. RiFF RAFF denied the allegations via a weird, since-deleted video, which saw him accompanied by an entertainment lawyer and a film director who claimed she was making a movie about the incident called “Trial By Media”. (Consequence of Sound)