With cuffing season putting the pressure on people this fall/winter, music newcomer Rico Davis comes through to remind us there’s nothing wrong with some low-key hook-ups. Today, the soulful crooner delivers his “They Ain’t Gotta Know” single on SOHH and breaks down his latest audio gem.

1. Who – do you get the most inspiration from when making music – notably songs like “Do U Wanna” and “They Ain’t Gotta Know” with so much emotion and feeling?

It’s not ‘who’ it’s ‘what’ – I get motivation from experiences and life.

2. What – steered you into making “They Ain’t Gotta Know” with the drums and steamy lyrics? Did you just know you wanted to make a semi-cuffing season song and just get straight to the s-e-x?

The producer sent me this years ago and I just loved the intro to the track. I don’t even know what the f*ck that’s called, it’s just the way that it comes in is so captivating. It turns into a simple, beautiful R&B composition. I just love the old school vibe to it. It just felt perfect. It reminded me, personally, of just being young and in love. I didn’t intentionally put it out now for cuffing season. It’s just how the f*cking cookie crumbled.


3. Where – do you typically go to put your music and concepts together? Is there a place you find motivation either at home or away from the crib?

Where do I go? I don’t go anywhere. I just remain available to the source of everything. I don’t interfere with the concepts that come to mind or the lyrics or the melodies. Overall, I just let it flow.

4. When – are you going to decide on the possibility of putting together an accompanying “They Ain’t Gotta Know” music video? Do you base it off of reception or do you already know something of this magnitude deserves a visual to go with it?

So I don’t create for the sake of selling. It’s about the art. I was just fortunate to find a label that believes in me and believes in my art. I have every intention of filming a music video to it. I will say it will bring the song to life even more and people will really appreciate. And those that don’t, god bless you.

5. Why – do you feel 2019 is going to be the year of Rico Davis? You’ve remained on the music grind and the consistency is there – and notably R&B continues to become more and more popular – notably with Ella Mai catching her break, Ty Dolla $ign seemingly on every single and even Jacquees getting more looks at Cash Money.

2018 was the year of Rico Davis. Every year is my year. Every year is my year because this is my life and I’m enjoying every moment.

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