Rick Ross & T.I. Boycott Famous Restaurant: “Couldn’t Believe What I Just Seen”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross and T.I. are not here for a famous Atlanta steakhouse. The duo have come forward to join a boycott for hot spot Houston’s.

On Saturday, both Yung Renzel and Tip took to Instagram to shell out their frustrations.


Actress Ernestine Johnson went to IG Friday (October 6) with a handful of accusations against Houston’s.


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  1. Great seeing all my black peoples coming togetherbto fight for a common goal. Don’t be fooled, the revolution is real.

  2. Why must Democrats always try connecting unrelated events to Trump. Hell, Democrats ain’t been this pissed since Us Republicans FreeTheir Slaves. #Lincoln, who freed the slaves, was a Republican, and Democrats Were the slave Owners!!!!

    • Back in those days the parties were actually reversed meaning modern day republicans were actually democrats and vice versa so that basically discredited your comment…….. #TheMoreYouKnow

    • Dumb ass…the parties were reversed back then! Republicans were liberals back then. Get some knowledge before you speak.

    • I hear people say that all the time but if you knew your history you would know the republicans of that day are the democrats you speak of now look it up there was a shift in politics

    • Lincoln “freed” the slaves??? You probably also believe Columbus discovered America…

  3. Stop supporting these KKK restaurants and other spots all u house niggas edomites dont want yo coon ass THAT’S RIGHT

    • Fuck Houston’s, go to WaffleHouse….plus it’s cheaper. High dollar ass places ain’t bout shiy no way. They probably spit in black people food anyway.

    • throw a Molly cocktail three that bitch, with them crackers in it. It’ll be some open seats then loll, them peckerwoods a run then

    • I never went to that bitch, Just cause u on Lenox don’t mean it’s a big time restaurant worth going too.

    • They go get there just do to, see who going down there now. Try parking and walk to the door, might get they ass whooped a couple times.

  4. Y’all retarded. Any business has the right to deny service to anyone trying to turn your denial of service into a race thing is totally reverse racism

  5. I fuckin hate white people when I see that kracker Im shooting him Vegas is back big b’z in this bitch

  6. So boycott, then what? Do you go back to eat? Just don’t go at all. If they denied service then there’s nothing left to say, I wouldnt trust a plate coming out of the kitchen.

    • Excuse me but tipping had nothing to do with this as you can see an read they had plenty of money an the lady in group is a actress so get facts straight please

    • Don’t be ignorant your whole life!!!! They’re financially well off, your can bet they tipped good!!!!

    • I am a waiter who serves guest in upscale restaurants in NYC I’ve literally had parties who’s bill would be well over $800 & they tip me $25 on a freakin $800 bill & yes the were white & no the company wouldn’t DARE tell they asses to not come back cause they didn’t tip my black ass the suggested tip soooo I’m pretty sure that’s not the case nice try tho!

  7. You said those 7 got a seat,since there was a black guy with them how was it discrimination against u all considering too that the servers were black and the other white


  9. The part that piss me off the most is how he standing there with that stupid ass look on his face instead of fixing the problem. All he had to do was give you a table

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