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Rick Ross Reveals Why He Won’t Drop Kanye West On His Head – Yet: “He Actually Had Someone Reach Out To Me”

Written By Rosario Harper

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Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross isn’t ready to write off Kanye West – yet. The hip-hop star went online recently to dish on his past collaborator and the drama he’s sparked from social media rants to a head-scratching run for president.

Rick Ross Warns Kanye West

In a new interview, Yung Renzel said he needed to speak to Kanye before feeling inclined to distance their relationship. Ross also said West needed to clarify what’s really going on in his life right now.

“He actually had somebody reach out to me last week,” Ross said referring to Kanye. “I actually slept through the phone call but um, I just don’t want to drop him on his head yet because it ain’t clear to me what’s going on. I haven’t really did any due diligence, I just see what headlines come across and we know a lot of that sh*t be inaccurate. So I’m going to wait for his phone call again and hopefully I’m up to catch that motherf*cker to ask him a few questions and then after that, I’ll have the answers myself and you know if it’s some sh*t, he gotta clarify some things because it ain’t looking good. Tell him that. It’s not.” (Billboard)

High-Key Details

This past weekend, Ross appeared to extend his hand out to Kanye. Ricky Rozay said West had the green light to hold his popular Sunday Service gospel choir events on his lawn in Georgia.

“Tell ye to have Sunday service on my lawn.” -Rick Ross’ Twitter

In addition to having a ton of celebrity support, Kanye’s Sunday Service events are typically jam-packed and filled with amazing music.

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Kanye made headlines for not making the minimum amount of signatures needed to appear on an Illinois presidential candidate ballot.

The Illinois native, running as an independent, reportedly fell short by 1,300 signatures according a state hearing officer who reviewed the number of nominations submitted by West’s party. In order to make the ballot, West had to submit 2,500 signatures, but Friday’s hearing officer only recorded 1,200 signatures. The official determination will be submitted on August 21, when the finalized ballot is announced by the Illinois State Board of Elections. (Fox News)

Earlier the same week, Kanye sent out a cryptic message about his goal of winning.

Kanye West misses Illinois ballot requirement.

Before You Go

Last week, buzz developed about Kanye allegedly confirming his plan isn’t to win the presidency but to take away votes from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Amid various reports that Republican and Trump-affiliated political operatives are trying to get Kanye West onto various state ballots for November’s presidential election, the billionaire rap superstar indicated, in an interview by text today, that he was in fact running to siphon votes from the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. Asked about that directly, West said that rather than running for president, he was “walking,” quickly adding that he was “walking . . . to win.” (Forbes)


Written by Rosario Harper

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