Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has paid homage to the memory of late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and revealed an eyebrow-raising story recently told to him.

According to Ricky Rozay, an older man gave an interesting take on what ultimately led to MLK’s 1968 murder.

“We all carry that burden to continue the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. We all are responsible for making sure that resonates with everybody else that’s underneath us and around us. That was most definitely a very peaceful, very powerful, influential brother. I actually was having a conversation with another older gentleman and I was just asking him about Martin Luther King. We was actually in Memphis. This brother was like, ‘The ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, that was a beautiful speech. Powerful speech. Powerful speech.’ He said ‘But that’s not the speech that got the brother murdered.’ I said ‘It’s not?’ I said ‘What was?'” (Revolt TV)

The “Bawse” noted how much more he had to learn of the icon’s legacy.

“He said, ‘Brother Martin gave a speech at a church a few days before he was murdered telling black people to buy land. Buy all the land you can. We need land.’ And I was looking at the brother. He said ‘You remember that. You remember that.’ I said ‘I’m gonna remember that, Pops.’ Him telling me that, man it just let me know it’s so much that I don’t know about the brother. His name will live forever.” (Revolt TV)

In honor of his passing, previously unreleased audio of King speaking on late President John F. Kennedy will be released today (January 20).

A previously unheard recording of Martin Luther King Jr. discussing John F. Kennedy will be played Monday in the place where the civil rights leader was assassinated. King’s comments are on a 53-year-old reel-to-reel tape discovered in a Tennessee attic several years ago. But the last several minutes are only now being made public. The civil rights leader is heard discussing Kennedy’s role in securing his release from a Georgia prison after he was sentenced to four months of hard labor for a traffic violation two weeks before the election that sent Kennedy to the White House. (CNN)

Atlanta rapper Young Thug and Meek Mill have released an MLK-themed track today.

Young Thug uploads his second track of the day, somewhat paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the former Civil Rights leaders’ holiday with the song “Hundreds (I Had A Dream).” Meek Mill joins the up-and-coming ATL rhymer on the track which was produced by Metro Boomin’. Also, check out Thugga’s previously released song, “No F#ck” featuring Bloody Jay. (XXL Mag)

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