Rick Ross Reveals How He Feels About Notorious B.I.G. Comparisons: “I Won’t Play Myself”

Written By Amaar Burton

Rick Ross Loves Biggie Smalls Comparisons

A lot of hip-hop fans just have to look at Miami rapper Rick Ross, and they'll think of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. The Grammy-nominated MC has certainly carved his own lane in the game, but he doesn't mind being linked to the legendary Biggie Smalls.

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Rick Ross On B.I.G. Comparisons: ‘Take It As A Compliment’

With five No. 1 albums on his resume, Rick Ross has built a Hall of Fame career in his own right. He considers Notorious B.I.G. to be the G.O.A.T., however, which is why he welcomes the comparisons.

“I can’t do nothin’ but take it as a compliment but I won’t play myself. Big was on somethin’ else. Big was just somethin’ special. That era, that energy, that 2Pac, that Big era, that JAY-Z — imagine what that cypher was like. And so, when I think of the records that they put together, the timeframe, the love that was put into that music, Big was most definitely, possibly my greatest ever.”

Rick Ross Invests In Telehealth Provider Jetdoc

Rozay has been vocal about his health and fitness goals. Now The Boss is putting his money where his mouth is, investing a healthy sum into telehealth provider Jetdoc.

“I gotta have a doctor right here at my fingertips,” he says. “If I’m feeling dizzy, short of breath, I might just need a word of their advice.” “Being a celeb, privacy is a huge thing. Instead of walking into a doctor’s office and ending up on TMZ . . . I could just get it over the phone.”

Rick Ross + Jetdoc Strive To Help The Black Community

Part of Jetdoc’s mission is to provide better healthcare access to people of color and other underserved communities. Company founder Tommy Duncan cites high rates of diabetes in the Black community as a particularly troubling issue.

“Rick Ross has been a unique individual, particularly from the African-American community, where we don’t talk about our healthcare issues publicly. We only deal with those things privately. And I commend him for having the courage, the leadership, to speak about his issues publicly.” (Tommy Duncan)

Rick Ross Says 50 Cent Is Done As An Artist

Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross isn’t putting respect on 50 Cent‘s name. The hip-hop heavyweight has shut down the idea of doing a Verzuz battle against his former rival and explained why it’s a wrap – music-wise – for the G-Unit boss.

“Would it really be entertaining? Music-wise? I’m a real dude. 50 Cent had some huge records when he had the biggest producers and artists around him and putting them together. That’s why right now he can’t make nothing. He can’t make [a hit] to save his life. Rozay probably couldn’t save him.”

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Written by Amaar Burton

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