Maybach Music Group rapper Stalley has unleashed his current heated feelings on the state of hip-hop in light of records like Hit-Boy‘s “Jay-Z Interview” getting mainstream attention this week.

Despite calling out G.O.O.D. Music tracks, Stalley said his issues are deeper than Kanye West and Hit-Boy.

“I’m tried of holding myself back, I dropped the Best video that came out this week and y’all worried about Mercy or a Jay-Z interview,” he tweeted June 8th.

“I’m disinterested in Mass Media.”

“People say i’m mad, but i’m not this fake person who is always happy and Humble. I’m a Savage.”

“I put everything in my music and i’m really sick of being overlooked.”

“I put out the best two mixtapes in the last two years. No Hype around them, just good music.”

“I’m not hating on any one artist or anyones music. I’m just saying my music is up to par or better than then music people go crazy over.” (Stalley’s Twitter)

His remarks caught the attention of producer Chase N. Cashe who wasted no time in reacting.

“@Stalley You can be humble but hating at the same time cancels that out period. You didn’t have to mention Hit-Boy video,” he responded.

“@Stalley It was a bunch of n*ggas drop videos this year my dawg. You around big names as well just do you and focus up. It’s simple.”

“Hit-Boy is the wrong nigga for people to hate on cuz all that n*gga do is show love and keep positive energy around. Hate on me if anything.”

“@Stalley I read them all my nigga. I have mutual friends on your team too. But niggas not commenting on what ya’ll do cuz we not progressing” (Chase N Cashe’s Twitter)

Stalley maintained his stance and publicly told Chase he has no direct issues with Hit-Boy.

“Respect the groundwork,” he added.

“Jealousy is a weat trait to have, but passion is an honorable Trait.”

“I love what I do and i’m very passionate about my work and art I put out.”

“Everyone says stay humble but what is humble?”

“@ChaseNCashe Dog relax, Hitboy is my guy read the rest of my tweets.” (Stalley’s Twitter)

Shortly after the exchange, Hit-Boy hopped on Twitter and ceased the beef speculation.

“Stalley just text’d me. It’s luv,” he tweeted.

“Chase always stands up for me when someone speaks but i didn’t even take the tweet the way everyone else did.” (Hit-Boy’s Twitter)

Check out “Jay-Z Interview” below: