Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross recently talked about his past stint in hip-hop feuds and how he overcame tough situations like the now-infamous battle with G-Unit boss 50 Cent.

Initially weighing in on protégé Meek Mill‘s verbal spat with Young Money’s Drake, Ross explained his past involvement in battles.

“A lot of people have a lot of their own opinions. But I’ve been in certain positions where people told me not to do that and I would do it again, if I had to.” Although Ross never mentioned 50 Cent’s name, he made an interesting reference to the number 50 anyway. “All I was saying [at the time] was, ‘Obviously, these people don’t know me. They don’t know I will jump out of a 50-story building for what I believe in. They don’t know. I’ma never stop. I’m a problem.’ That really was my mindset. I don’t fear nothing…Nothing.” (MTV)

Find out what MMG’s Gunplay said about his past feud with 50 Cent on the next page…

Despite previously going at 50 in interviews and songs, Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay recently talked about moving past his issues with 50 Cent.

“I took off on 50 Cent because of years of built up tension because of my partner [Rick Ross]. I don’t know 50 Cent. I actually respect him. He’s just like me. [There] ain’t no problems. Everything is squashed. I got it out of my system.” (AHH)

Last year, Gunplay released his “Hot Boy” remix and took aim at 50 with a jab.

“N*gga got the hunters and they’re coming for your neck, GP raps. “B*tch I’m about a hundred, what the f*ck is 50 Cent?” (“Hot N*gga” Remix)

Coincidentally, Gunplay revealed he did not focus on entertaining a feud with 50 a year prior.

“Nah man,” Gun said when asked if he still has issues with 50 Cent. “I don’t know, we gotta see what happens [if we meet]. At the end of the day, I’m a man first. You know what I’m saying? And I’m not going to be tried by nobody. I don’t care how much money you got, how many people you killed, you know what I mean, we on the same page. … I’m not looking for no trouble, I’m good. I haven’t frowned, I haven’t raised my voice in a minute. I’ve been smiling, moving forward. I’m here.” (“The Breakfast Club”)