Rick Ross Wishes For Collaboration With Mystery Parachute Man At Successful Car & Motor Show

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Rick Ross - DENIED!

Rick Ross hosted his highly-anticipated 2nd annual car and motor show at his Georgia residence. While the event was a resounding success, an unexpected highlight occurred when a mystery parachuter landed in Ross' backyard.

Rick Ross
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With over 6,000 attendees and widespread participation, Ross’  2nd annual car and motor show car continues solidifying its status as a must-attend event in the automotive community.

An Unexpected Intrusion Steals The Show

Rick Ross’ 2nd annual car and motor show at his Georgia residence exceeded expectations, featuring a stunning display of automobiles nationwide. However, the show took an unexpected turn when a parachuter descended into Ross’ backyard, leaving the rapper both surprised and intrigued.

 Expressing both excitement and regret, Ross shared his wish to have known about the parachute stunt in advance, highlighting the potential for collaboration and emphasizing his desire to avoid any legal repercussions. 

Regret & Wishes For Collaboration

In a video posted on his Twitter account, the Miami native expressed his astonishment and desire to be informed about the parachute stunt beforehand. He humorously pleaded with the parachuter to avoid legal consequences, stating that he had wished to witness the jump firsthand. 

Ross’ regret stemmed from the lack of knowledge regarding the timing of the parachuter’s descent, which left him scrambling to witness the spectacle.

As the parachuter was apprehended and escorted away, Ross maintained a positive outlook, expressing his admiration for the unexpected guest’s enthusiasm. In fact, Ross even hinted at a potential collaboration in the future, should the parachuter be open to it.

Updated by Nashwa Rockingster on June 7th 2023

Rick Ross Denied Permit for Car Show in Fayetteville, GA, Expresses Desire to Run for Mayor

Rick Ross faced a setback as his planned Car & Motor Show in Fayetteville, GA, was denied a permit by city officials after complaints by neighbors. The denial has prompted Ross to express his intention to run for mayor of Fayetteville in the future.

Permit Denial for Rick Ross’s Car Show

Fayetteville city officials cited non-compliance with the Fayette County Zoning Ordinance as the reason for denying Rick Ross’s permit for the Car & Motor Show scheduled for June 3. Deborah Bell, the planning and zoning director, explained that the show did not fall under the category of “horse show/rodeo/carnival and/or community fair” specified in the ordinance.

“First, a plain reading of the phrase ‘horse show/rodeo/carnival and/or community fair’ does not anticipate a car and bike show,” cited the director. “Whatever similarities exist between these uses, they are not significant enough for staff to determine that they are the same.”

Ross’s Mayoral Ambitions

In a video shared on social media, Rick Ross addressed the permit denial and expressed his desire to run for mayor of Fayetteville. He voiced his love for the city and his intention to bring about change in the rules and laws governing events like his car show. Ross highlighted his plans to provide opportunities and improvements while hinting at the need for “personnel changes.”

“I love Fayetteville so much. Next year I’m running for mayor,” he said. “That’s right. The boss Rick Ross running for mayor of Fayetteville. I wanna know how many votes did it actually take to vote in the mayor of Fayetteville.”

Ross continued, “I need to know that ‘cause we gon’ become that. We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities, we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ have to clean some people out.”

Neighborhood Concerns and Previous Event Disruptions

Neighbors in Fayetteville had previously raised complaints about disruptions caused by Ross’ previous car show. The inaugural event, held in 2022, drew thousands of people and cars to the neighborhood, leading to concerns among residents.
In a separate incident involving disruptions from his estate, Rick Ross pet buffaloes had escaped from his Georgia mansion but were safely returned by concerned neighbors. The incident garnered attention as an example of Ross’s interaction with the community.

Updated by Chris Samuel (5/18/2023)

Rick Ross Responds To Neighborhood Backlash Over Car Show: “I Wouldn’t Even Feel Right If They Weren’t Boycotting Boss”

Rick Ross has scheduled the “Car & Bike Show” at his residence, “Promise Land,” in Fayetteville, GA for June 3rd. However, some of his neighbors have expressed disapproval of holding the event at his house. Despite the backlash, Ross is determined to host the show. In a recent clip, he addressed the situation, explaining why he wouldn’t feel right if his neighbors weren’t boycotting him.

Boycotting The Boss?

In response to the backlash from his neighbors, Ross has remained steadfast in his decision to hold the car show at his home. In a recent clip, he stated that he wouldn’t even feel right if his neighbors weren’t boycotting him. According to Ross, he has never had anything handed to him, and he would be confused if his neighbors just let him “get the money.” Despite the opposition, Ross plans to move forward with the show and is confident that it will be a success.

This isn’t the first time that Ross has faced opposition from his neighbors. In 2020, he was sued by his former neighbors in Georgia, who claimed that he had violated their privacy by allowing visitors to trespass on their property to take photos of his mansion. The case was eventually settled out of court. Despite the legal issues, Ross has continued to live in the neighborhood and has remained active in the community.

Backlash from Neighbors

Some neighbors of Ross voiced opposition to the car show, stating their objection to hosting it in their neighborhood. Despite their concerns, Ross insisted on proceeding with the planned show.

Show Promotions

Ross has been actively promoting “The Rick Ross Promise Land Car & Bike Show” on social media, stating that attendees are spending $25,000 for a spot on his lawn. The event is set to feature a performance by Lil Wayne, and Ross has promised that it will be an unforgettable experience for those in attendance.

(Updated by Chris Samuel, 5/2)

Rick Ross’ Neighbors Sign Petitions To Shut Down His Upcoming Land, Car & Bike Show

Rick Ross is facing opposition from his neighbors who’ve signed petitions to stop his upcoming car show. The Rick Ross Promise Land Car & Bike Show is expected to draw over 6,500 people. Furthermore, some neighbors claim the last car show compromised their quality of life and caused headaches.

Neighborhood Petitions Against Rick Ross’ Car Show

Residents of Fayetteville, Georgia have signed petitions to stop Rick Ross’ upcoming car show. They claim that the event will bring too much traffic and chaos to the area. According to WSB-TV, the county’s Board of Commissioners has received multiple complaints from residents about the potential impact of the event. Some neighbors are even threatening to go on vacation during the show to avoid the excess of people. One neighbor shared that it took them 40 minutes to leave their subdivision during last year’s car show

Also, Lil Wayne is scheduled to perform at the event, which takes place on June 3rd at Ross’ Promised Land residence.

Rozay Is A Habitual Line Stepper 

This is not the first time Rick Ross has been a nuisance to his neighbors. In March, his pet buffalos went loose in the neighborhood before being returned. Furthermore, last year’s car show featured over 500 cars and bikes, which also caused disruption in the neighborhood. 

Rick Ross is not the only rapper who has upset his neighbors. Back in 2013, Drake, who lived in a residential area, has angered his neighbors. Drake’s Los Angeles neighbors called the cops on him for disturbing the peace.

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