New York rap star French Montana recently talked about putting together a new track named after locked up rapper Gucci Mane with star-studded collaborators Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

According to Montana, the motivation behind his Kanye West-produced track is Gucci’s now-infamous Twitter rant from last year.

French has recorded around 80 songs including the Kanye and Mekanics-produced “Gucci Mane” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. “We based it on when Gucci went crazy at that one time, just like went bad on everybody. The record’s like when you’re about to lose it—Ross on the hook, me and Wayne. It’s a crazy record. We gon’ blow their socks off.” (Rap-Up)

Check out French Montana’s interview:

Instead of scolding the fellow Atlanta rapper, rap star 2 Chainz applauded Gucci for getting his frustrations out last September.

“I don’t expect nothing less from him. That’s my dawg. … This probably made him feel better, airing it out, embarrassing a few people. It didn’t bother me at all, straight up.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

When asked about Gucci’s alleged tweets from earlier the same week, producer Drumma Boy admitted the comments initially surprised him.

“I just saw the tweets. I was in Aruba, so I didn’t have Internet the whole weekend. I just got back so when I get to my crib, all my boys ask me if I saw what happened with my boy. I said, “Huh?” That was the first thing everyone said, “You seen your boy?” You never know with Gucci. I get to reading that shit and I said, “Sh*t, if that’s how he feels.” You know what time it is because of what he was saying.” (Complex)

French Montana previously addressed some of Gucci’s comments and said they raised his eyebrows not because of the vulgarity but due to the validity.

The “Pop That” rapper notes that some of the tweets were accurate, with information that only Gucci or someone in his camp could’ve known. “Whoever writing that, they gotta be real close to him,” French told MTV News. “Cause the situation that he was talking about with me, he wasn’t lying.” Gucci claimed that Deb Antney, Waka Flocka‘s mother and former manager to a host of rappers including French and Nicki Minaj, had stolen money from her clients. “60 k. French montana. Was. Laying in deb bed. Ask. Warner. 60 k advance I took as insult gave to your aunt t. Im rich bitch” Gucci tweeted. The tweet has since been deleted along with Gucci’s profile. (MTV)

Rather than jump the gun, Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross had said he hoped the ATL rapper would reach out to him personally if there were any real issues.

“You know, as far as, you know, if somebody needs some help, they need to get it. You know what I’m saying? As far as when you jump out there, when you jump off that porch, you jump. You know what I’m saying? Me and homie, we was always cool. We’ll see. I haven’t spoke to dog. At the end of the day, for one, I don’t move with that Twitter talk. I’m a $50 million dude. I don’t move by Twitter talk and all that. You know what I’m saying? Real dudes, they make up. Even if it’s a problem, they get on the line. You know, on Twitter, you’ll never see Rozay really jump off the porch with Twitter. Regardless, I’m not an emotional person like that.” (Hot 97)