Maybach Music Group leader Rick RossBlack Market album should have no problem landing on the sales chart next week with 65,000 copies projected to sell.

Based on one-day estimates, Ricky Rozay’s new release will premiere in the Top 5 of music releases.

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Ricky Rozay recently spoke on hip-hop artists using ghostwriters.

“Someone who may have another vision or just ideas that are priceless versus someone who’s like, ’I’m basing my entire career off the words I’m finna tell you right now over this 30-second period.” I’m not speaking to anybody in particular, but let’s say for instance if you was DMX and had a ghostwriter, it’d maybe change the [perception] versus if you was I think that’s more about the music, the records.” (TIME)

Last month, RR treated fans to his upcoming Black Market album track listing.

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Ross recently said his MMG team could ultimately end up at the same label home he goes to following his upcoming final Def Jam album release, Black Market.

“It’s with Atlantic right now, but I have a lot of people interested in possibly bringing MMG over to new situations and I’m entertaining those conversations, most definitely,” Ross said. “It may be 50/50 [going to the label I go to], the conversation I’ve had with others. But for me, it’s about what’s gonna work best for the team, not just myself, but for the artists that’s signed to Maybach Music. Whatever that is, that’s the decision and that’s the way I’m gonna go.” (Billboard)