A week after calling out Rick Ross for his no-show during their billed Soul Train Awards performance, R&B singer Chrisette Michele has now revealed the “Boss” is nowhere to be found.

Speaking on the “Cherry Martinez” show this week, Michele stressed the aftermath of Ross’ no-show.

“I can’t get in touch with him no more. So I’m wondering honestly is he okay, is everything okay? Then I’m wondering how does this make us look to corporate America? Because we got folks spending hundreds and hundreds, hundreds of millions of dollars on putting a show together and then the only rap artist for the whole entire show, the only hip hop representation for the whole show…For hip-hop to walk out like that — you know to me that’s what it meant. To me it was like hip-hop just misrepresented itself because that’s not who we are, we are people who have fought threw the struggle and we came up from the ground, we’ve paved the way for people to be entrepreneurs to come into corporate America.” (Necole Bitchie)

Michele also said her comments were not just about Ross, but directed toward hip-hop as a whole.

“Collaborations especially are about unity in the African American community. The first thing I’m thinking when I go into the studio with a rapper is “Wow, this is going to the great for our community.” So that’s what I said on twitter and that was taken to every kind of blog site that I can think of and people were very upset about it. But at the end of the day it wasn’t necessarily to Rick, it was to how we represent ourselves to a population and the way that we represent ourselves outside of our beat box and outside of our boom box, and outside of our stoop.” (Necole Bitchie)

The singer’s frustrations with Ross hit the Internet late last week.

“Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible. Congratulations to all the trophy holders who won at being the most like every one else. I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up. But apparently rapping is about venting, bashing, chauvinistic pigging, and EGO. Not cool. Don’t LET me start rapping. (album in stores november 30th) They say…I’m eclectic. I’m underrated. I’m different. Well If I win an award it’s because I paved a way. Every award I’ve won was new in it’s category. You know why? Because I’m amazing at being my d*mn self. Grammy – best alternative R&B song Centric award – Soul Approved Etc. Have u even heard of those categories? Nope. But guess what? You ain’t never seen another me. And u never will. No ego here. Why? Because it’s none needed. My award is waking up every morning and CAKING off of what I believe in by the grace of God.” (Chrisette Michele’s Tumblr)

Ross and Michele’s “Aston Martin Music” video debuted online last month.

In Rick Ross’ latest video, “Aston Martin Music,” the Miami rapper rides smooth in a luxuryautomobile of the make mentioned in the song’s title. As the clip’s story line unfolds, his love interest hits a speed bump as the feds nab her on the strip for a crime Ross committed. “When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the walls,” Ross raps on the song — in a nod to LL Cool J‘s “I Need Love” — after losing his leading lady. “Automatic weapons on the floor, but who can you call?/ My down b*tch, one who lives by the code/ Put this music sh– aside, get it on the road.” Later in the video, Ross’ woman is sprung from prison after finishing her bid, and the rapper is waiting for her with keys to her own Aston Martin. (MTV)

Check out the “Aston Martin Music” video below: