Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross is letting the world know he speaks riches after getting a “Rich Forever” tattoo on his lower lip this week. #RichForever

Ricky Rozay showed off his unexpected and jaw-dropping facial tat this Memorial Day Weekend.

No matter what happens for the rest of his career, Rick Ross is gonna be “Rich Forever.” The rapper got the bold phrase — which serves as his Instagram name, the name of the John Legend-assisted title track to his celebrated mixtape, and his general life philosophy — tattooed on his face over the weekend. The Miami native had the ink placed below his lip — which was just about the only spot on lower face that it could fit, since the rest is occupied by his well-manicured beard. (MTV)

The tattoo genius behind his artwork is also responsible for some other notable celebrities’ ink jobs.

The artist responsible for the tattoo, Nikko Hurtado, posted a flick of the process in action on his own account. Hurtado has worked with other celebs, including Drake, The Game and Wale, as well as others like Carlos Boozer and Jenna Jameson. (MTV)

Along with the tat, Ross recently talked about his slimmer look.

“I ain’t really keeping up with the amount of weight,” Ross said when asked how much weight he has lost. “I just wanted to get into better shape, put myself in a better position. I still eat the way I want to eat. I just go to the gym now. I do this sh*t called CrossFit. I call it RossFit. It’s called RossFit now. If y’all see this, hashtag RossFit. … Reebok had introduced me to a trainer and what he turned me onto was, let’s say for instance, if you’re on a treadmill and you did that sh*t for 30 minutes, you burning calories but you could be doing something that’s burning calories and building muscles at the same time.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

When asked what advice he would give his friend, rap star Fat Joe said Ross could handle his health problems on his own three years ago.

Joey Crack’s friend and fellow heavy-set collaborator Rick Ross recently suffered two seizures that many are speculating are connected to the Bawse’s weight. Yet when asked by XXL if he had any thoughts on Rozay’s current situation, Crills said he had no advice. “He’s a grown man,” Joe said of Ross. “Whatever his health problems are he’s gonna deal with them or do whatever he got [to do]. I can’t offer that man nothin’.” (XXL Mag)