Rick Ross Flames TF Outta Baby’s $12 Mil Nightmare & Trashes Toni Braxton: “Now You Wanna F**k That Old Lady Life Up Too”

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Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is more of a savage than you think. The hip-hop boss has publicly fired shots at former affiliate Birdman.

New footage has emerged of Ricky going in on Baby and low-key referencing his relationship with 50-year-old singer Toni Braxton.

“You mean you move to Miami, took out a loan on a mansion, then took out another loan on a mansion and you still ain’t paid your little n*gga. You ain’t had no money in six, seven years, n*gga. You should have came and borrowed something from Rozay. Now you wanna f*ck that old lady life up too. You probably borrowing some money from her. I might go buy that f*cking house on the water just to keep my boat there. I ain’t even going to stay there, that sh*t’s too small.”

This past weekend, a report surfaced about Birdman owing $12 million on a loan or risk losing his Miami home.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Birdman borrowed the $12 mil in 2015 from a company called EMG Transfer Agent. The rapper put up his Miami mansion — the one he bought in 2012 for $14.5 million — as collateral for the loan. But Birdman defaulted on the loan and EMG wants the house foreclosed on so they can get their money. They are looking for their $12 mil plus interest and late charges. (The Blast)

Last month, buzz developed about singer Tamar Braxton possibly confirming Birdman and Toni Braxton wedding gossip.


In October, a Braxton representative came forward to shut down a Baby marriage rumor.

A rep for the 50-year-old “Un-Break My Heart” singer denied the claims in a statement to Us Weekly. “Toni is dating,” Braxton’s spokesperson said, adding that the seven-time Grammy winner “has a new single called ‘Deadwood’ from her forthcoming album Sex & Cigarettes. It will be released in early 2018.” (Us Magazine)


Written by SOHH Squad


  1. He stay speaking on birdman…but is constantly duckin and dodgin the real rick ross…scared to confront the man whom whole persona he stole 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. That fat asshole needs to watch his mouth, he should be more respectful when referring to the legendary Toni Braxton. Rick Ross is a fraud CO who told tall tales about a criminal past. He really doesn’t want it with Baby, Slim and them. They got real OG goons over there and can send for him. Don’t believe me, think back to who was allegedly responsible for shooting at Wayne’s tour bus (and that nigga thought of Wayne as his SON 😳👀😐).

    • Yeah kiss him in his mouth then get his bus shot up. That’s gangster. Real Gangster. Sit down

  3. This is from the man who Who sprinted out of his own town and fled to Vegas when he heard 50 was going to Miami to promote his Effen Vodka. This clown has to know that all these people he bad mouths and slags off will for sure bump into him somewhere down the road. Corny asshole. Special Agent Rozay!!! DickHead!!!

  4. Rick Ross looks like his breath stinks. He gossips more than a group of old women. Wonder why he always have Birdman on the brain, tho? He come off like a jealous and jilted ex-lover.

  5. Rick “William the correctional officer Roberts” Ross needs to stop trying to compete with these women. Did he really think Birdman would pick him over Toni Braxton??? Come on man aint nobody ever gonna choose Rick Ross ugly flappy man titties over a fine azz woman like Toni.

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