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Rick Ross Finally Gets Alkaline Water Fountain

Written By Jonny Fastlane

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Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross celebrates as he finally gets the alkaline water in his fountain he requested over a month ago. It’s safe to say Ricky Rozay is really living like a true bawwwwse.


Written by Jonny Fastlane

I'm Jonny Fastlane, My Mother owned a record label, and my father was and still is a DJ. Growing up in the 1990s in Flatbush Brooklyn, Hip-Hop became the soundtrack to my life. Before I knew it, I found myself interested in more than the music. I was equally as interested in the details of the people behind the music, as in hip-hop itself. As a young black boy in Brooklyn, hip-hop spoke to me personally. I'm a YouTuber, journalist, and media personality. Holla atcha boy!


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