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“Rick Ross Do It Big, Diddy Do It Big [&] I’m Trying To Get There” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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Triple C’s Gunplay recently detailed his lavish escapades with rap stars such as Rick Ross and Diddy, but made a point to remind fans that his newfound fame hasn’t gone to his head.

For Gunplay, he said his Maybach Music Group material aims to inspire the fans to want to succeed and motivate their goals.

“You know Ross do it big, you know Diddy do it big, I’m trying to get there, I do me,” Gunplay said in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. “[…] Them boys be going in. I don’t even be knowing after my third personal bottle, I couldn’t tell you. I wake up and there’s more bottles sitting there. I don’t know. That’s the sh*t man, it’s a blessing. That’s just giving me motivation now. Not too many people, a few small percentage, less than three percent of the population will ever have [flown] in a private jet. It’s a blessing. I don’t put that in nobody’s face, I just thank God for it — but really, I’m about that everyday struggle that everybody can relate to. Not everybody got a Ferrari, not everybody got a Lambo — it gives them hope even hearing that. That’s what the ‘Boss’ do. He lets you know we can pump up to millionaires. He did it in five years. Millionaire, boy. Don’t play. Millions off of this sh*t here. It’s putting us in position to get millions too. We about to get millions. D*mn sure close. It’s on the way.” (Movie Star Status DVD)

Despite having a positive outlook on life, Gunplay was previously engulfed in the brief rap feud between Ross and 50 Cent after the G-Unit leader posted narrated footage online of the Southern rapper getting beat up.

“This one of the motherf*cking Ricky homeboys, man,” Fif says using his Pimpin’ Curly voice in the intro. “Look at this, I want you to hear this sh*t…n*gga ain’t sh*t man, you can look and see he’s high…Look at this joker man, I know the n*gga still live at his mama house…He broke man…N*gga on the floor man, n*gga knocked him the f*ck out..God d*mn man, out there in the street. Yeah, that n*gga sleep man, that n*gga sleep right there…Why n*gga ain’t talking hard now? (BooBooTV)

Gunplay later addressed the video footage around March 2009.

“These n*ggas don’t understand, boy,” Gunplay says in a video. “Real n*ggas go through real things dawg…You can’t get everything on camera, but they got that. You win some, you lose some, n*gga. It’s nothin’. You do it, you do it 50 and any blogger…You got your chain snatched on stage, man. Take a look. Don’t f*cking play with me.” (World Star Hip Hop)

The rapper’s Triple C’s debut album landed on the sales chart in November 2009.

Rick Ross & Triple C’s new album, Custom Cars & Cycles landed onto the charts this week at No. 44. With seven days under their names, the group consisting of Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch were able to sell 12,100 records after a week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Gunplay’s interview below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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