Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is still fielding questions about his feud with Birdman. Yung Renzel has defended dropping his anti-Baby “Idols Become Rivals” diss record.

On Twitter, Ricky Rozay credited longtime pals DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne for fueling the beef track.

Earlier this summer, Ross talked about former Cash Money artist Tyga’s fallout with Birdman.

“You know, when I hear that [Tyga had to pay a million to get out of his Cash Money contract] Birdman lucky he ain’t have to go through that with Renzel. It would have been a little different. I couldn’t respect that. That ain’t right. I love music that much. I want to make some incredible music, of course I want to profit on it, but I wanna make some incredible music. That’s first and foremost – let’s make history.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

In June, DJ Khaled addressed Ross name-dropping him on the diss track.

“Ross is basically saying, ‘Khaled, he don’t complain. He keep it moving.’ I think y’all know me as a person. Y’all never heard me come and talk about people and stuff like that. He’s basically saying, ‘Yo, Khaled, You blessed. Keep winning. Don’t stop.’ … Birdman, that’s my friend. I wanna be clear. As far as anybody that has a situation, I pray and I hope that people can talk to each other and work things out. Birdman, all that is is, you know, at one point I just moved on with We the Best. I got nothing but love for Birdman. They gave me an opportunity. I appreciate every opportunity that’s ever given to me. It doesn’t matter what happens to the opportunity, it’s an opportunity.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

The same week, Cash Money’s Turk addressed Rick Ross referencing him on “Idols Become Rivals.”

“I think Rick Ross is a great rapper. He’s a very good lyricist. He can put wordplay together. As far as speaking up for another man, he can’t speak up for me. I respect a man for who he is. I respect Birdman. On my situation, me and Birdman dealt with our situation and we handled it like men which I think every situation should be dealt with anyway. I think if he did the record, he shouldn’t say my name without hollering at me. I don’t think he should have mentioned my name – I got love for everybody. It’s just like a family, sometimes family fall out. … That’s not gonna fix the problem. It’s gonna make another problem escalate and it doesn’t have to be that.” (TMZ)