Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross helped shield rap legend Slick Rick from further taunts and booing following his publicized Monday (November 26) night halftime performance at the Brooklyn Nets arena by coming to his defense.

Ricky Rozay told fans to get in place and applaud what Slick Rick has done in the rap game.

“Fck y’all Salute Slick Rick the Ruler,” Ross tweeted November 26th. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

New York veteran Kid Capri also stood up for the fellow Big Apple pioneer.

“The attack on slick Rick is unfair, when you perform in a big arena, you need monitors to hear the music correctly which he didn’t have,,,,” he tweeted November 27th. (Kid Capri’s Twitter)

Former Little Brother member Phonte gave his take on why Rick may have fell victim to Monday night taunts.

“Slick Rick really coulda done “The Show” and “Children’s Story” at halftime and made it outta there intact.,” he tweeted Tuesday.

“He opened with “Hey Young World” and did “Mona Lisa” in full….in 2012. RT @kainicole Why did they boo Slick Rick???”

“All due respect to The Ruler, but opening with “Hey Young World” and doin “Mona Lisa” in its entirety woulda been a risky move even in ’88.” (Phonte’s Twitter)

The hip-hop veteran caught a lot of backlash from New York Daily News writer Frank Isola.

“The Nets are claiming that halftime performer Slick Rick is a “Hip Hop legend.” On what planet, exactly?,” Isola tweeted Monday night.

“At least when the Nets played at the Meadowlands, Joe Piscopo was in on the joke. Slick Rick actually thinks he’s entertaining.”

“What does one go about becoming a “hip hop legend.” If Slick Rick can do it there is hope for all of us.”

“I heard that to torture prisoners at Guantanamo, the U.S. State Department played Slick Rick’s Greatest Hits over and over.”

“I know of one hip hop legend named Rick. And that would be my guy Rick Ross. You may refer to him as Mr. Ross.” (Frank Isola’s Twitter)

Check out Slick Rick’s halftime performance: