Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has shared his thoughts on renowned publication Billboard’s “10 Greatest Rappers” list this week.

Ross said the publication’s omission of late hip-hop mogul Tupac Shakur upset him the most.

“It takes away from the authenticity of the magazine,” Ross said about the publication’s list. “I just looked and by the time I got to three, four, five and I realized I didn’t see Tupac Shakur, I said, ‘I’m at the fifth name and there’s no Tupac.’ This ain’t for me. These lists are not for people like me. This is another agenda for somebody else, not real hip-hop, rap lovers. I would have put Eazy-E over half those names. Eazy-E, Ruthless Records, don’t ever disrespect them. Don’t ever play yourself.” (“Skee TV”)

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Ricky Rozay also talked about the influence late hip-hop mogul Eazy-E had on the music industry.

“I say Eazy-E, the brand he built himself, Eazy-E, of course,” Ross added. “N.W.A., of course. Ruthless Records. That’s what made the West. Ruthless Records.” (“Skee TV”)

Music veteran Snoop Dogg ripped the renowned publication for omitting late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur from its Top 10 on Instagram this week.

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