The mother of Rick Ross‘ son, Tia Kemp, has continued to leak more pages from her upcoming tell-all book Deeper Than Rap about the Miami rapper.

Along with providing pictures, Tia writes about her connection with her son and Ross, who she refers to by his government name, William Roberts.

Will was paying the rent and the bills and flying in and out of town so I didn’t have to deal with headaches from him all the time. I didn’t have to cook for him every night and take care of his bullsh*t. I was in my own apartment, and had a big brand new truck, no one could tell me anything. I didn’t have to worry about Will’s momma and his sister anymore and their negative attitudes and vibes and I still had him. He wasn’t going anywhere. They forgot that he had to deal with me, I had his son, I had Lil’ Will. (Deeper Than Rap Book)

She recently explained why she chose to write a tell-all book.

“The reason I felt that it would be interesting to write a book is because I have had a very big struggle in my life,” Tia said in an interview. “I grew up without a father, my mom was a single parent and it was very hard for her to raise six kids on her own. Being the oldest, I experienced a lot of things growing up, a lot of challenges in life that I went through. I got married young, I had two kids and after that I ended up getting in a another relationship…When I met Ross he wasn’t a celebrity. There are a lot of things that I experienced in my life before I met Ross that was overwhelming or outrageous or just crazy. And there are a lot of things that we went through that I thought would be very interesting for people out in the world to hear.” (XXL Mag)

The book will be available in bookstores, including Amazon, later this month.

Published by Tru Life Publishing, the 288 page text will come out May 20 for a standard price of $14.95. Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, & Exposure will be available via paperback. Pre-order options are currently available. (Amazon)

50 Cent, who was engaged in a rap battle with Ross, leaked a promotional advertisement for the book earlier this year.

Shown as a “ Exclusive,” Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap is displayed as an image showing one of Ross’ baby’s mothers, Tia Kemp, with a “Coming May 2009” release date. Along with a backdrop of an open journal, there are also images of Tia and 50, her and Ross along with an older image of Ross during his earlier days surrounded by a small entourage. “I am hearing that she has lots of crazy stories that she’s anxious to share with the world,” hip-hop personality Miss Info wrote via her site. “Yeesh….remind me never to get my baby mama mad.” (Miss Info)