Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid and girlfriend Tori Brixx are getting out of dodge. New reports claim the couple have officially ditched their Los Angeles crib weeks after falling victim to a gunpoint home invasion.

According to reports, the duo are now spending their nights at another cross-town spot.

Rich had been crashing at his gf’s crib when the home invasion went down … the home invasion that landed them both in the hospital. We’re told they didn’t feel safe after returning there, since cops haven’t found the culprits yet. We’re told they’ve hightailed it to a mansion in the San Fernando Valley, where they feel safer. As for their relationship … they’re still very much together. Rich, we’re told, doesn’t think Tori set him up for the robbery. (TMZ)

Recently, West Coast rapper Game extended his hand after Rich suffered injuries from the Los Angeles incident.

“Ayo, you know what’s up, man? You know what Rich The Kid need? Rich The Kid needs to call me, bro. You see I’m out here. I’m 6’5, 260 [pounds], everything is where it’s supposed to be. Pulling up in the red Bentley, got the Dodgers hat on, this is Los Angeles, you feel me? Rich The Kid needs to holler at me. Motherf*ckers out here doing home invasions, beating up him and his girl. Man, call Game, all that sh*t disappears bro.” (TMZ)

Last month, Rich The Kid responded to rumors about vixen Tori Brixx possibly setting him up in the home invasion.

“Tori Brixx did not set me up.”

#richthekid is out of the hospital and back on live #toribrixx

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A few hours prior, Rich shared some post-hospitalization shots of himself.

LOST IT GANG 🤦🏽‍♂️💰💪🏽@offsetyrn @quavohuncho @metroboomin

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