Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan might want to stay away from vans for the immediate future. New reports claim someone recently broke into one of his vans and robbed him for a couple grand in possessions.

According to reports, Quan filed a police report in an effort to find the person responsible for busting into his property last weekend.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … RHQ’s Savana Explorer van got rolled early Sunday morning … while he was performing at a club in Meridian, Mississippi. Cops say Quan discovered someone had smashed the back window around 2 AM, and he told cops the thieves took between $1,500 and $2,000 worth of property. As we reported … he recently got busted for felony weed possession in a different van just a month ago. (TMZ)

In late May, reports surfaced about Quan possibly landing a 30-year jail sentence in a drug case.

Rich Homie Quan won’t be facing weapons charges for his weekend arrest in Georgia, but he’s still gotta deal with a drug possession charge for weed … TMZ has learned. The Atlanta rapper was booked for felony possession of drugs with intent to distribute, according to the arrest report. Law enforcement sources tell us the drug he had was weed. It’s unclear how much weed he had … in Georgia the amount doesn’t determine whether you get hit with a felony. (TMZ)

Days prior, reports surfaced about Quan’s big run-in with law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources tell us … RHQ and his crew were stopped at a police checkpoint Saturday night en route to Club Liquids in Wadley, GA, where he and 5 guys were arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen gun and drugs. Cops say they believe the drugs to be ecstasy and weed. Quan is in Jefferson County Jail as of Sunday afternoon, but has not been charged yet. Police there can detain someone without charging them for up to 48 hours. (TMZ)

Prior to the arrest, Quan had plans of taking over a Memorial Day Weekend event.