Rich Gang’s Rich Homie Quan has come forward to speak out on reports claiming he is responsible for attacking a security guy in Florida last month.

Despite the widespread coverage, Quan told a paparazzo this week he had nothing to do with the incident.

“In Miami? To be honest, I stayed on a boat. I don’t know what transpired within that moment and that. I hopped back on the yacht and we just pulled off, man. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know the security guy got into it with but it was not me. Other than that, I pray that the security [guy] is okay and we’re going to court to handle the situation. I’m innocent! Innocent until proven guilty. It’s all rumors. I never touched him. I was on the boat the whole time.” (TMZ)

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Reports last week claimed Quan did not use a speedboat as his getaway route.

According to the police report, Quan “fled east towards the dock where he boarded a boat in Dock 14 and took off.” But people who were on the boat tell TMZ, that didn’t happen. We’re told RHQ did indeed board a yacht … but that he partied there for at least an hour, in plain view, before taking off. (TMZ)

Despite the negative coverage, Quan recently said he was on good terms with Rich Gang.

“Rich Gang is still my family, you know what I mean? I had a couple problems with T.I.G., my label, but we’re not going to speak on those terms. It is what it is,” Quan said in an interview. “I call [my publicized dancing] the ‘Rich Homie Dance.’ It’s something I [came up with]. I can’t dance worth sh*t. I got no rhythm. But the girls love it. So run with it. They like it, I love it.” (AHH)

A few days ago, Rich Homie acknowledged pal Young Thug dissing him during a concert and explained his Rich Gang hiatus announcement.

“Yeah, he called me B*tch Homie Quan. I didn’t announce [my Rich Gang hiatus] to create conflict. I don’t know if it created conflict but it is what it is,” Quan said in an interview. “When I said it people just [blew] it out of proportion. I never said I wasn’t gonna do the Rich Gang thing I said I was gonna focus on myself a little bit more. Rich Gang my family. [Birdman], that’s my uncle. Everybody know that.” (Vlad TV)