Rich Gang’s Rich Homie Quan recently talked about his crew and where he stands with them amid perceived tension with group member Young Thug.

Despite the negative perception, Quan said he is on good terms with RG.

“Rich Gang is still my family, you know what I mean? I had a couple problems with T.I.G., my label, but we’re not going to speak on those terms. It is what it is,” Quan said in an interview. “I call [my publicized dancing] the ‘Rich Homie Dance.’ It’s something I [came up with]. I can’t dance worth sh*t. I got no rhythm. But the girls love it. So run with it. They like it, I love it.” (AHH)

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Recently, Rich Homie Quan acknowledged Thug dissed him during a concert and explained his Rich Gang hiatus announcement.

“Yeah, he called me B*tch Homie Quan. I didn’t announce [my Rich Gang hiatus] to create conflict. I don’t know if it created conflict but it is what it is,” Quan said in an interview. “When I said it people just [blew] it out of proportion. I never said I wasn’t gonna do the Rich Gang thing I said I was gonna focus on myself a little bit more. Rich Gang my family. [Birdman], that’s my uncle. Everybody know that.” (Vlad TV)

Thug jumped onto his Instagram page earlier this month to dismiss Quan diss speculation.

Footage of what appeared to be Thug dissing Quan surfaced online a few weeks ago.

“Speaking of horses. You saw the f*cking video, man. This stupid lame, that n*gga tripping. That B*tch Homie Quan.” (YouTube)

In a recent interview, Quan revealed he would take a hiatus from Rich Gang in an effort to focus on his own solo music.

“I have been focusing more on myself, I’ve stepped away from Rich Gang a little bit just to get back to Quan. The people want Quan back.” (Hot 107.9)