Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan is out here ending mysteries. The hip-hop artist has stepped forward to discuss his Rich Gang crew’s music suffering a massive 2014 leak.

According to Quan, Rich Gang head honcho Birdman not paying a studio invoice caused the unauthorized audio spill.

“This was one of them times Bird didn’t pay the studio. So the studio leaked all the music. The studio leaked all the music. They said Bird didn’t pay them so they leaked all the songs, bro. I got mad – it might have been two songs out of all them songs that I really cared about and once those two leaked I was like, ‘D*mn,’ ’cause those were going to be on the album. I really had put thoughts into those. That was the thought or the lesson to, ‘Okay Quan, get your own studio so nothing can get leaked or nothing like that.” (“Everyday Struggle”)

A few years ago, the Internet received a hefty surprise in the form of previously unreleased RHQ tunes.

Instead, the group suffered a series of leaks, including an especially massive leak of over 100 songs the following spring so even though we didn’t get Pt. 2 we kind of did. Nobody really knew what happened, and with Rich Gang officially dead everybody just went on their way, vying for solo success. (UPROXX)

In late May, reports surfaced about Quan possibly landing a 30-year jail sentence in a drug case.

Rich Homie Quan won’t be facing weapons charges for his weekend arrest in Georgia, but he’s still gotta deal with a drug possession charge for weed … TMZ has learned. The Atlanta rapper was booked for felony possession of drugs with intent to distribute, according to the arrest report. Law enforcement sources tell us the drug he had was weed. It’s unclear how much weed he had … in Georgia the amount doesn’t determine whether you get hit with a felony. (TMZ)

Days prior, reports surfaced about Quan’s big run-in with law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources tell us … RHQ and his crew were stopped at a police checkpoint Saturday night en route to Club Liquids in Wadley, GA, where he and 5 guys were arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen gun and drugs. Cops say they believe the drugs to be ecstasy and weed. Quan is in Jefferson County Jail as of Sunday afternoon, but has not been charged yet. Police there can detain someone without charging them for up to 48 hours. (TMZ)