Former Interscope Records artist Rich Boy recently chopped it up with SOHH and discussed teaming up with eOne Music for his rap comeback and how overnight success even surprised him.

Instead of waiting for a record label bidding war, Rich said eOne expressed an interest in hooking up for a music deal.

“I was just waiting for the right opportunity,” Rich Boy told SOHH when asked what sparked his interest in joining E1. “I wasn’t even necessarily waiting for the right amount. I was just trying to get the new situation going so we worked it out and from there, it just flowed naturally. From the day we started conversating, it felt like it was just meant to be. I was in the right place of time. … Having creative freedom just to create how I feel like an artist should create [was important]. It’s a good thing and a bad thing sometimes. Some people need that help on the creative side. I feel like I’m prepared for that level and I done matured as an artist to the level where I can depend on just my creativity alone to create what I’m trying to do.” (SOHH)

He also talked about gaining instant fame for his 2006 anthem “Throw Some D’s.”

“It’s been in the works and I understand that every artist has his time and I understand that you have to have patience for your own time,” RB added. “I looked at what all the other artists went through and I already knew when I dropped the first time, I said ‘It can’t be this easy. You can’t just blow up overnight.’ I said I had to go through some things to see whatever they call a ‘vet’ in the game or an artist that’s paid his dues. I felt like skipped too fast at that point. I wanted to slow down and learn more about the game … I wanted to show the world I know what I’m doing as far as music. This is in me, since I was born. I ain’t been rapping all my life but music’s been a part of my life the whole time I’ve been on this earth.” (SOHH)

The Alabama rapper officially joined eOne Music earlier this month.

It’s been a minute since we heard from Alabama rapper Rich Boy. After waiting at Interscope for nearly five years, following his 2007 self-titled debut, the rapper inks a new deal with eOne Music for the release of a new studio album due out in late 2012. “We are proud and excited to officially be a part of the eOne family,” said his manager Delaney McGill. “Rich Boy is a talented and creative visionary who — despite his surroundings in Mobile AL — was able rise above the negativity to have a platinum hit record. With continual drive determination and management direction, Rich Boy’s new music will be consistent with what all his fans have been waiting for.” (Baller Status)

As fans await his sophomore solo album, Rich Boy is preparing an upcoming mixtape.

Prior to the release of his currently untitled sophomore effort, Rich Boy will release a mix-tape titled First Day of Summer. “This mix-tape represents summertime heat,” Rich Boy said. Rich Boy’s first album, which was self titled, rocked the charts in 2007 with bangers like “Throw Some D’s” and “Boy Looka Here”. The album featured appearances from David Banner, Attitude, Polow da Don, Lil’ Jon, Keri Hilson, Big Boi, Pastor Troy, and John Legend. (Rap Music)

Check out a portion of Rich Boy’s interview below: