[With potential presidential candidate Kanye West having hip-hop heads ready to cast their votes in 2020, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Rhymefest talks to SOHH about his possible run, Donald Trump and more!]

There’s a lot of different facets of politics. If you want to know where I stand as far as Kanye West running for president, then I think it’s a lot more difficult than my brother understands.

I would hope that he would be serious and it would be a party of ‘we’ and not a party of ‘me.’ I would hope that it would be for all of the people and not just what he’s upset about at the time.

In terms of Donald Trump, he’s a capitalist. He will do anything and say anything to get the deal done. He doesn’t even believe in the stuff he’s saying.

I think Trump and Kanye have more in common than anyone knows.

In terms of Hillary Clinton, I think she has to get serious about not working for Wall Street and working for the people. Bernie Sanders has the right policies but I don’t think he has enough toughness.

America can never get everything we need in a politician and so we have to embody that in the community and push forward the candidate that we want instead of waiting for that candidate to impose themselves on us.

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