Former NBA superstar Al Harrington‘s Viola cannabis products company is making it easier for people to stay inside. The former New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers player’s brand is launching an inaugural 420 Daily discussions series.

Big Facts

According to Harrington’s company, the launch will extend the annual cultural cannabis celebration to a full 20-day interactive experience beginning today.

Everyday at 4:20 PM PST, starting April 1, fans and consumers across the globe will be able to tune into a one-on-one discussion with Viola and an industry thought leader from music, sports, business, cannabis industries. The series’ goal is to provide reprieve, inspiration and fun while we all face the current global pandemic together.

High-Key Details

Harrington has since come forward to provide details. Al’s aim is to provide deep conversations and excitement with a slew of celebrity faces.

“It’s an unusual time for everybody,” said Viola founder, Al Harrington, “There’s so much uncertainty and even more to talk about with how we all are being affected, what businesses are doing to pivot, while still enjoying 4/20 and the company of each other during this transitional period. I’m excited to share thought-provoking conversations and entertainment through a medium that’s accessible to anybody from the comfort of their own homes.”

Wait, There’s More

With the launch set to go down today at 4:20 PM PST on the @Viola Instagram Live page, there are a ton of high-profile celebs expected to join the daily series. Past and present sports stars including retired New York Yankees champion CC Sabathia and Brooklyn Nets player Wilson Chandler are expected to join the broadcasts.

The 420 Daily series will touch on a wide scope of topics that pertain to today’s changed landscape as well as celebrate stories and ideas that bring fans everyday joy. Conversations will include Christian Combs and Dreamville’s JID on what new music projects they’ve been working on during the lockdown, MLB veteran CC Sabathia on how the pandemic will affect the upcoming MLB season, Brooklyn Nets player Wilson Chandler on how he’s stayed busy with the NBA on pause, what NBA veteran Stephen Jackson has been smoking during quarantine and more.

Before You Go

Harrington founded Viola nearly 10 years ago. In 2011, he launched the cannabis brand and ultimately turned it into one of the nation’s leading producers and licensed wholesalers of premium quality cannabis products.

The brand is named after and inspired by Al’s grandmother who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes, finding solace in cannabis remedies. Viola has integrated the latest cutting-edge technology with its own proprietary procedures designed for every stage of the cultivation, extraction and production process. The company is known for its wide variety of product offerings including a high-quality flower to premier butane extracts.