New York rapper Remy Ma is out here flexing. The hip-hop diva has come forward to show off the early success of her newly released “Wake Me Up” single.

Remy went to Instagram last night (November 8) and shared an open message to her day oners.

Yesterday, Remy and Lil’ Kim shocked fans with their highly-anticipated single’s premiere.

On the record, Remy takes big shots at some unnamed female rap rivals.

..that crown, Ima take that s–t/’cause you a clown and homie don’t play that s–t/See they ain’t slick, be talking all cray and s–t/And then you see them and they be like they ain’t say that s–t/I hate that s–t, I can make or break your s–t/See I got options don’t make me weigh them s–ts/ I heard he laid that d–k, you let him filet that fish/You just met him, how he bae that quick?/I say it to your face, don’t have to relay that s–t/If Nick-ole a Kid-man, OJ that b—h! (VH1)

This week, Remy talked about the motivation behind linking up with Kim for their joint effort.

“I wanted to pay homage to Kim. She is like the Madonna of the hip-hop world to me. Her style is iconic. I wanted to show homage and pay homage to that. So when I called her, I told her, ‘Listen, I want you on this record, but I want you to just be Kim. I want you to be girl that was squatting down in the leopard thong, I want you to be that Kim.’ I told her I’m a fan. And as a Lil’ Kim fan, that’s the Kim I want to see.” (Beats 1)

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