New York rapper Remy Ma can’t even put out a dope freestyle without fans thinking she’s with the smoke. The hip-hop diva has people assuming she’s low-key firing shots at her enemies.

Remy recently put out a freestyle teaser and didn’t censor dicey bars presumably aimed at her rivals.

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Some media outlets believe it’s possible Remy is targeting a couple New York rappers including Nicki Minaj.

Most people would draw the logical conclusion that the barbs are aimed at her Black Barbie nemesis but it’s possible she’s taking shots at Azealia Banks. The two were entangled in an Instagram war of words last month after Remy made a comment about women in Hip Hop during an interview with Ebro in the Morning. (HHDX)

Last year, Remy had publicly clashed with Azealia Banks.

Initially, Remy sparked tensions after calling out Banks on social media.

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Instead of falling back, Azealia decided to clap back on Instagram Live.

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