Remy Ma Claps Back At Cardi B’s Hacked Twitter Diss: “You Wore A Stripper Dress Out In The Cold”

Written By Rosario Harper

Remy Ma
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Terror Squad‘s Remy Ma has unleashed some fury onto Cardi B following shade thrown her way. However, it appears the New York rapper didn’t realize someone compromised Cardi’s Twitter page.

A screenshot has gone viral of Remy blasting a fiery response to a diss-heavy Cardi tweet.

Last night, Cardi went to Twitter to announce someone had jacked her account.

Last month, Remy publicly called out rap rival Nicki Minaj‘s loyalty.

On her new “I Can’t Lie” song, Nicki appears to fire shots at Remy.

They’re both so fire that it’s impossible for us to pick a favorite, but dammit if we won’t listen to them both on repeat in hopes of doing so. And get this — Nicki seemingly throws shade at Remy Ma on “I Can’t Even Lie,” when she raps, “Keep your man off my Instagram, bitch.” This is likely a reference to an incident where Remy’s husband, Papoose, was caught visiting Nicki’s Instagram when he liked a comment on a photo she posted with her and Drake. So Nicki’s feud with Remy Ma is still very much alive. (Hollywood Life)


Written by Rosario Harper Writer. When I'm not covering hip-hop news and announcements, I'm deep into an Audible book and eating veggies.


  1. Remy got that bet award and it went to her head. She didn’t even sell enough to be the best. Funny she swear she real but she was just cool with Cardi and now she throw diss . Wish this bitch grow up and move on.

  2. Slow Down Remy You should have got confirmation before you went on Cardi like that. You was just praising her, you should have went to her in private, not blast her in public…#BADLOOKONYOUREMY

  3. Fake. That tweet is fake, n Hollywood unlocked deleted the post after Remy ma commented under the post saying it was fake.

  4. Remy you really need to grow you will never catch Beyonce J-Lo conduct ASA like that see first you show you appreciation girl please grow up saying it’s B and Nicki Minaj that shows you that you don’t apprciate what God has bless you with it takes two and what you doing is making us black woman look so stupid but I thank God that we have a black woman that we could young girls could look up to

  5. Everybody cumn at REM for clapping back at what she thought was shade from cardi B eat a bag of dicks REM made an honest mistake she clearly didn’t even mean it so stop she could have done a lot worse than saying something about her dress come on guys gtf fr literally. REM you did go in kinda quick but I understand ma its the nature of the beast in you. We still respect you and you still on top fuck these lames

  6. Remy just came out of jail not so long ago and now acts like she’s the first lady of USA. Bitch plz u are just as fake like u cheap ass bum

  7. Fake bitch is a fake friend,just want cardi to be on her side but hate her on the in side.

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