Days after Redman announced his official Wu-Tang Clan induction as the crew’s 11th member, insiders have denied the New Jersey rapper’s claim.

According to reports, although Red shares a close bond with the Wu, however, he was never inaugurated.

Earlier today I asked a couple of people within the Wu-Tang circle about Redman claiming to be an official 11th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately, this is not true. He has never been officially inducted as an 11th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Redman is definitely considered as close to being a Wu-Tang member as you can get. But not on the official tip. If anything, you can even consider Nas to be on the same boat as Redman because in the 90?s, Redman and Nas would always be chilling with the Wu-Tang Clan and vice-versa. Reggie Noble aka Redman is the Unofficial Official 11th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. (57th Ave)

Earlier this week, Red said he has been a member of Wu since 2005.

“I am a Wu-Tang member and Method Man, he been a Def Squad member way before I was a Wu member,” Redman said. “I was like a Wu member but I wasn’t official. But [Erick] Sermon made Meth a Def Squad member back in the day. I became a Wu member about 5 years ago. I am the 11th member of Wu.” (All Hip Hop)

Although he may not be official, Red and the Wu’s Method Man released a collaboration album last year.

The “How High” duo Method Man & Redman’s Blackout 2! marked another hip-hop comeback landing at No. 4. With a solid week under their belts, the rap veterans’ return racked up 63,400 scanned discs. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

The rapper’s new album, Reggie, is scheduled to hit stores December 7th.

1. Reggie (Intro) 2. That’s Where I B feat. DJ Kool 3. Def Jammable 4. Full Nelson feat. Ready Roc, Runt Dawg & Saukrates 5. Lift It Up 6. All I Do feat. Faith Evans 7. Lemme Get 2 feat. Saukrates 8. Mic, Lights, Camera, Action 9. Cheerz feat. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford 10. Rockin’ Wit Da Best feat. Kool Moe Dee 11. Lite 1 Witcha Boi feat. Method Man & Bun B 12. When The Lites Go Off feat. Poo Bear 13. Tiger Style Crane (Reggie)

Check out a recent Redman & Method Man interview below: