[With his new “Dopeman” single sparking major buzz, New Jersey native Redman tells SOHH why he’s asking any and all fans to send their best ugly shots his way.]

I’m directing the video “Dopeman” and you all have heard the song. The basis of the video is going to be, you know when you listen to some good music and get that hard beat, you do that ugly face?

You get that twisting of the lips face.


That’s just what I’m comparing it to. It’s about my dope lyrics and me being the dope man, I’m providing y’all that dope so you can get a good ear-gasm and everyone who is throwing on the headphones, they’re getting the ugly face.

Come down to Los Angeles and be a part of it.

I’m actually here now, me and the time just got finished putting things together. We got everything we need and made sure we have everything for the shots.

It’s definitely on and popping on Monday.

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