[With a new independent career in full throttle with sidekick Method Man this year, former Def Jam rap veteran Redman gives all SOHH readers and fans alike a huge thank-you for helping him survive.]

First of all, I have to thank my people in the network game as far as my fans. I have to thank my fans on Twitter, my fans on Instagram, my fans on Facebook. I’d like to thank them first because I don’t talk to them like they’re my fans. I call them my colleagues.

They help me understand how to network more in the path of just satisfying my Redman fans. They understand I’m a vet. I’m not really trying to go after the new young crowd. If I get some new crowd followers that understand – cool. There’s a lot of young dudes that are 22-years-old. My son is 24-years-old. My son is 18. My son is 16. They don’t listen to none of the new hip-hop.

They listen to a few of the new guys but most of the time they tell me they listen to some of the 90’s music. They’ll listen to a little bit of the radio but understand when I drop my new sh*t, don’t be afraid. Drop it with the confidence that I have people out there that still want that 90’s sounding sh*t.

This is key, to all my fans, people want to know how I stayed relevant and how I’ve been in the game this long and it’s because I’ve always went against the grain.

When y’all were doing ‘this’ I was doing ‘this.’ Remember when everything was about dancing and popping champagne around ’96? I brought it back with that gritty, Muddy Waters, in 1997.

The videos I’m dropping now, it’s my fans telling me to drop some content and be who I am. Don’t try to get on the radio. Don’t try to get singles that’ll get you attention. Do you.