New Jersey rap veteran Redman recently opened up about his daily morning routine and why smoking various blunts is essential to helping him get through his day.

Asked how he gets his head right each day, Red detailed daily routine from morning to night.

“This is how I get my head right,” Red said in an interview. “First of all, I can’t be woke up. If I [am awaken] by loud noise, my head ain’t right all day and I’m off, I can’t get no work in so I need my sleep. Once I wake up on my own, with some nice peace and quiet, I go to the bathroom, I take a leak, I brush my teeth and I hit the L. Always brush your teeth in the morning for those morning smokers that hit the L. Brush your teeth. The blunt’ll taste better. Don’t just get up with your sour mouth and put the blunt in your mouth and smoke. That is nasty. The blunt taste better when you brush your teeth…So I get my head right with the morning blunt. And after that, I have an afternoon blunt because I don’t smoke too much because I try to handle business in the day. Then later on, after six, I’m blowing it down. I get my head right all night. And then the shorty come get my other head right. Know what I’m talkin’ about? So we two heads getting right tonight.” (“Presice”)

Marijuana enthusiast Curren$y recently shared his perspective on so-called “weed rappers”.

“I think the term ‘weed rapper’ is wack,” Curren$y said in an interview. “I think it was created by rappers who are trying to use weed as a subject matter that will get them put on in the game, in a sense. If you remember in CB4 how that group had to make themselves be gangstas just to get on. So now weed rappers are people who are faking to be high all the time so that they could get on and be popular and rap. They’re not high, they don’t even know good weed. They’re probably just smoking regular, killin’ themselves but it’s just like, ‘All I do is rap about being high, so I can catch the wave like Spitta and ’em.’ It’s bullsh–. I don’t just f–kin’ talk about weed so I know it’s that bullsh–.” (RapFix)

The rapper also recently told SOHH his three favorite celebrities he would get high with.

“I would want to f*cking smoke with Cheech Marin,” Curren$y told SOHH. “I would want to smoke with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I don’t know if he really smokes but it would be tight. I bet he has the best stories about the NBA. The last person I’d pick is [stand-up comedienne] Sandra Bernhard. She’s like Andrew Dice Clay. I don’t know where she is right now but I remember once she was doing an HBO special and took her shirt off and that was pretty tight.” (SOHH)

Last year, rapper Devin the Dude talked to SOHH about modifying marijuana usage punishments.

“I’m very much for, at the very least, the decriminalization of weed. I wouldn’t mind it being legal, but if the powers that be could at least decriminalize the punishment [for weed possession], I think it will be a lot better. I think it will help the nation a lot more than it will hurt it. I also think you could profit off of it too, medically and financially. And especially with getting the laws changed so that people wouldn’t have to miss weeks of work and mess up their whole schedule because there’s weed involved or with people having police kicking in doors and doing all kinds of crazy stuff because of a type of grass.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out Redman’s interview below: