Former reality television star London “Deelishis” Charles has stepped forward to put an end to widespread rumors about a romance brewing with hip-hop heavyweight Wiz Khalifa.

Instead of feeding into the gossip blogs, Dee said she and Wiz are merely friends for the time being.

“I just want to confrim that he and I are friends, and that he is divorced full and complete,” Dee said in an interview. “I would’ve never taken an interest with a married man. … We’re just friends…at this time.” (Media Outrage)

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Deelishis also relied on Twitter to weigh-in on the rumors.


Dee posted up a photo alongside Khalifa on Thanksgiving and raised eyebrows.

While the Thanksgiving Holiday was commencing, Deelishis caused a commotion on Instagram by posting a coupled up pic with Wiz Khalifa. The reality star known for her cake clapping, posted the below photo Thursday of herself and Wiz sharing a sweet embrace with the caption “It’s a happy holiday.” Following that several pictures started popping up online of her and Wiz kicking it at his concert… (Bossip)

Although brief with her comments, Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose recently dished on the reality of going through her divorce in front of the world.

“Devastating,” Rose replied when asked about dealing with her divorce publicly. “I’m human, you know? I’m going through a divorce. I love my husband. I miss him a lot and sh*t happens.” (Hip Hollywood)